Mos Def at Yoshii’s

The other night I had the chance to see Mos Def at Yoshii’s in San Francisco, an awesome venue with a great tradition of delivering seminal jazz artists.  Sadly, Mos didn’t add to that tradition. I was pretty disappointed mostly because it seemed like he mailed it in. Perhaps he was tired from a long road trip, thought he had to do the jazz thing, or he’s been doing too many movies.  Most of the show was him rambling about this or that, and occasionally a sorta song or jazzy beat that seemed more like a practice session.  The problem is that Mos is so much better than what he showed and he has an ample body of work to prove it.  The crowd came to hear that work, but alas, this was a miss. On the up side however, Yoshii’s shines even more as a venue for a broad range of artists and all types of events.