In the past few days I saw two messages that I thought were interesting, not sure why but wanted to share them.

The first was a sign in San francisco near the convention center.  My kids asked “why should we be afraid of Google” –it was like someone told them to be afraid of Santa Claus. A quick G search and behold a whole gallery of work from xvala, a street artist.

The second was a daily email I get from Politico, an insider DC political newsletter I like to read.  The subject line read “POLITICO Playbook presented by Google…” and the following text was included in the body of the email:

** A message from Google: Toothpaste, playing cards, and beef jerky may seem like an ordinary shopping list. But to a deployed soldier, a care package with these basics is a big deal. That’s why Meredith Leyva’s nonprofit, eCarePackage.org, lets people thank servicemen by creating custom care packages online. eCarePackage.org is based in Schertz, Texas, but connects to gift-givers around the U.S. using Google AdWords. Americans like Meredith support our troops. And Google is helping. **

Net net, the two messages, their placement,  audiences, and POV are thought provoking.

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